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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Brides often regret not spending more on Wedding Photography, so what is the price you could be paying for a professional services? What is the value you put on lifetime of memories from your most special day?

The current average for wedding photography package is between €2000 and €4000 for a full day coverage.

My full day wedding photography & videography package is often described as a 'bargain' or even 'the best money I spent on my wedding day' by clients who have used my services - this article is to address the perception that wedding photography is expensive, for people who are not yet married.

When you are deciding on your wedding budget you obviously put a lot of focus onto the day itself. You want the guests to enjoy the food and to have fun, so you invest into food and music. To create luxury you pick the perfect venue and order your favorite flowers. You want your ceremony to be meaningful, so you spend time planning your rituals and writing your own vows.

But what couples often forget about is that their wedding day doesn’t end at midnight . With the cost of an average wedding is now at €31,000 it’s actually pretty good news that you’re not spending your house deposit on one day of fun!

Your wedding day and experience lives on in your memories. And this is why a big chunk of your cost of wedding photographer doesn’t get spent on the day itself. You’re not just paying your photographer to be there for 8-12 hours. You’re investing into them capturing your most beautiful day the way it felt as raw as it was and then to have it presented to you in the most perfect gallery of memories. It’s an investment into a beautiful quality album that you’re going to show your children and even grandchildren. You’re also investing into every evening you and your partner share a bottle of wine and pour over the happy memories of what was one of the happiest days of your lives.

The question really is, what is your wedding budget for your memories?

Which leads us to the next question. Why do similar wedding photography packages cost so differently? Why can a cost of wedding photographer be €1000 or €3000?

There’s a very short answer to this question. Professionalism and experience.

To find out more about my prices and packages please book a free consultation call today or drop me an email at

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