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Classic Wedding Invite, RSVP and Menu cards

Not many people know this about me, but I have such a strong passion for graphic design, interior design and all things renovation! My husband will attest to this as I have this constant need to update the design of our home !

And as a wedding photographer I love to see that the wedding is cohesive in style from invites to decor. Not to mention that Invites and rsvp cards can be an easy way to upgrade your '' details shot'' and as a photographer I am so thankful to brides who remember to bring their invitation cards with them so I can use it to uplift their photographs.

Planning your wedding can be very daunting, trust me I have been there and I know! From managing multiple vendor emails to finalizing details like wedding invites it all can take a toll on you and your partner.

Here is where that promise of being your BFF comes into play. I am here to help! I have created an invitation template set that you can now download, edit and send out to your loved ones all in just a few minutes. Now isn't that something of a small WIN? I think it is !

So here is it, click the link below to download this classic template and edit it the way you want to. P.S Don't forget to take it with you on your wedding day too :)

I hope this makes the planning of your wedding day a little bit easier.


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