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DIY Your wedding decorations

I still remember the day of my engagement to my best friend in December 2017. We set on a wedding date end of July of 2018. We were quick to plan our wedding and did manage to plan it in 3 months- crazy, right. But here is why it was so easy to pull it off so quickly. I decided that I wanted to decorate my own wedding, as it's been something I always wanted to try my hand out and I am a bit of a freak when it comes to DIY decorations.

So in this blog I will share some of ideas I put together and show you that decorating your wedding could save you bunch of money and stress, besides you will be so proud for your own decorations to be appreciated by your guests. These decorations were also a super easy way to keep a decent budget for the wedding.

1. Sparkly recycled wine bottles

We all love wine, am I right? So why not keep those bottles and once emptied up-cycle them into a nice set of sparkly delight? I saved up to 20 bottles ( collected from friends and family ) washed them and removed all outer stickers, and purchased waterproof wine bottle cork shaped LED copper wire string lights to put inside the empty bottles. The good thing about these lights is that they are long lasting battery powered and no wires are visible. I also wrapped each bottle in burlap to keep with my rustic wedding theme, et voila !

2. Jam jars up in the sky

Similar to wine bottles I wanted centre lights to be made out of recycled jam jars, I struggled to collect that much jam jars so I had to purchase these instead, luckily I found them at one day when I was shopping around in Dublin.

So I got these jam jars with coper wire led lights attached to the lids and hung them from to the top in random height and order.

3. Lots and Lots of fairy lights

I just wanted to have a sparkly lights that would naturally fill in the sealing once the sun was setting, so i got bunch of the LED Curtain Lights

4. Local flowers

The reason why we chose our wedding venue was the beautiful natural garden with summer flowers that offered the very simple and rustic look and feel we wanted for our wedding. So I did not spend any money on the flowers, each and every flower was sourced from the local garden or we used leftovers from the bridal bouquet to use for the tables.

5. Guest book and polaroid camera

Creating memories hold a very big value for us, so we wanted to offer our guests the chance to snap a funny picture from the wedding and stick it in the guest book. They also left very sweet messages for us to read after our wedding. I found a book at and the polaroid camera was provided by my sweet niece. We added some small props for them to have fun :)

6. Paper Lanterns

For the dance floor area I wanted to have paper lantern sealing. We knew that in July the sun would go down pretty late so disco ball outdoors would not have worked, instead, we used these paper lanterns and it gave a very nice and fun look.

7. Lace Bunting and burlap

As a table runner I used good old burlap on white table cloths that were provided by the restaurant. I also used burlap for my ''Just married'' sign at the top of table. I also used these lace buntings and it just completed the vintage look I was going for. The good thing was that our restaurant provided 2 marquee tents and we just had to take care of the decorations.

8. Cake

Our cake was 2 tier naked black forest cake topped with fresh berries, that we ordered from . It was simple and so delicious and cost us less then €150

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